Architecture & Design

My goal is to educate designers who can work at the highest levels of government’

By bringing design practices into governments and municipalities, Professor Ramia Mazé is helping to bridge the gap between policy-makers and the citizens they represent. She’s also pushing design in a whole new direction.

Engineering the project of a lifetime

London’s 21st-century skyline has evolved again with the opening of Bloomberg’s spectacular new European headquarters. 18 all-glass elevators give people a window into a building rated as the most sustainable office development in Europe.


Wrapped in ruin: how we covered our planet in plastic

In the 80 years since we began mass producing plastic, we’ve made and disposed of so much that we’re now dumping a full garbage truck per minute of it into our seas. The picture is very bleak indeed, but momentum for change has never been stronger.

‘It’s time for us to rediscover plants with natural textile fibres’

Innovations in raw materials are moving the global textile industry in a more sustainable direction, but there is still much to be done on the rest of the production process. Aalto University’s Professor Pirjo Kääriäinen shares her perspective.

Cold choices for a warming planet

A new study from Finland and Japan lays out the massive extent to which our lifestyles need to change if we are to slow down global warming.

Unraveling fast fashion at the seams

Finnish clothing designer Matti Liimatainen has created a range of garments that wearers themselves assemble by hand. Now he’s using automation technology to bring people even closer to the production of their own clothes.

Managing the global water crisis

Amit Bhatnagar is Associate Professor of Water Chemistry at the University of Eastern Finland. We spoke to him about global water challenges and asked what the world can learn from Finland about water management.

Taking on cellulose together

Through a collaborative R&D effort driving innovation in Finland’s forest industry, Metsä Spring is now factory testing a new technology for converting cellulose into textile fiber.

Sound thinking

Finnish company Lumir is using cellulose fibers to create sound-proofing materials that are not only healthier for people, but have a better acoustic profile too.

Cape Town is about to run out of water

Cape Town – the city I was born in and called home for some 20 years – is now just 73 days from running out of water. The ominously named “Day Zero” is currently scheduled for 12 April 2018: the day the taps will be turned off.

Keeping the circular economy intact

One of the oldest examples of the circular economy is the way we recycle and reuse glass bottles. But sometimes we break the circle and create unintended consequences, as I found out on a trip to Mozambique.

Travel & Tourism

Air Baltic: the on-time airline with big-time plans

The national carrier of Latvia is one of the world’s most punctual airlines. It’s also among the most ambitious.

Space to think – a journey into Finnish arts and culture

Enjoying art and culture in Finland means taking a trip deep into the folklore of our past, and forward into the country’s vision of a sustainable future.

Finland: a paradise for island-hopping

With an archipelago of more than 40,000 islands running along much of its coastline, Finland is an island-hopping paradise in the summertime. Whether you want to travel by ferry, rent a kayak, or cycle with the sea by your side, the slower pace of island-life is like a journey back in time.

Boeing’s 747 keeps on delivering

More and more airlines are retiring their Boeing 747s, typically replacing them with smaller and more modern planes that can fly further at a lower cost. But while the Jumbo Jet’s days as a passenger plane may be numbered, there are signs this aviation icon will still be carrying our air freight for a long time to come.

Art & Entertainment

‘Believe us when we say we are hurt’

Documentary film maker Suvi West says her people, the Sámi, are still traumatized by the effects of colonization. And that their healing would be a good thing for the whole world.

Fortnite: the world’s most popular video game

More than 45 million people are now playing a cartoon-style video game online where 100 characters battle against each other until only one is left standing. This is Fortnite.


Cigarette advertising: from glamour to horror

Tobacco brands in many countries have been forced to cease advertising, hide cigarettes from view in stores, and sell their product in some of the ugliest packaging imaginable. But have these changes been accompanied by a decline in rates of smoking? Broadly speaking, the answer is yes.

Diabetes explained in five minutes

Diabetes is one of the world’s fastest growing chronic conditions. Yet it’s widely misunderstood among those not affected by it. Here’s a five-minute read with what you need to know.

An old vaccine against the new coronavirus?

The Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine has been used as a defence against tuberculosis for some 100 years. Now researchers are studying if it has an effect against Covid-19 too. This is the story of how we got here.


How cloud-based B2B payment platforms can help IT managers too

More and more companies are using cloud-based platforms to cure the IT headaches that come with making corporate payments. Here we look at the benefits for two such companies.

Technology is the treasurer’s new gold

The modern role of the treasury is about bringing the right technologies together at the strategic heart of an enterprise. The payments function is the perfect place to start.

Research & Policy

EU countries work together for insights into ageing

Finland contributes deep and reliable gerontology research data to the EU’s transformative policy towards ageing.

Building world-class research competence at Finland’s universities

The Academy of Finland steers 50 million euros of government funding annually towards developing the research strategies of Finnish universities.

ICOS: European countries fight climate change together

The Integrated Carbon Observation System (ICOS) is part of Europe’s co-ordinated answer to understanding the effects of climate change.